Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24th, 2014

So this week was a bit tougher than the others. We are struggling to find some new investigators and the ones that we have aren't progressing very well. So we are trying to find new ways how we are going to find new investigators. We talked to President Derbez and talked to him about what we are doing and how we think we will find new investigators. Well he told us that it wasn't the best idea and he talked to us and had us think a lot about how we can find new investigators through a better way. So we came up with the conclusion that what he has been telling us this whole time is what we need to do. The Book of Mormon is the best missionary tool that we have and we need to use it. He then told us the best way to use it is by visiting the youth and teaching them about it and getting them excited to share the gospel with their friends. So we are going to try that this week and see how things go.

So I probably won't do anything for Thanksgiving which is ok. I might make my own Thanksgiving dinner for my companion and I. Ha ha. I am planning on sending home a Christmas package for the family, hopefully it gets there on time.

I love you all and hope you have a happy Thanksgiving.

Love Elder Thorpe

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 17th, 2014

Pues esta semana estuvo muy buena! Fui a visitar allá en LeBaron. Estuve muy animado para ir y visitar mi recién conversa y ver como esta. También estuve muy animado para platicar con los miembros de allá y todo. También esta semana seguimos teniendo j
untas con muchas personas. Esta semana tuvimos una junta con el Presidente de Estaca Presidente Kelly Jones y su hermano Jefferey Jones. Estuvimos platicando en aspecto de como queremos ayudar la estaca en la obra misional y como queremos ayudar los lideres del barrio a empezar a trabajar. Estuvimos tambien placticando de el coro que vamos hacer en Diciembre.

Well I'm really excited to start winter! It's starting to get really cold here actually.

Oh I also have to say I took a picture of me in front of Shelly Sharps house where she grew up but I forgot my camera. I'll send it another week.

Love you All!
Elder Thorpe

English translation
Well this week was very good!  I was able to visit LeBaron.  I was very encouraged to go and visit my recent converts and see them.  I was also very encouraged to talk with members there and everything.  Also this week we had meetings with many people.  This week we had a meeting with the Stake President Kelly Jones and his brother Jeffery Jones.  We were talking in aspect of how we help a stake in missionary work and how we help neighborhood leaders to begin to work.  We were also discussing the chorus that we well have in December.