Monday, October 28, 2013

October 14, 2013

Well this week was a bit frustrating really. We had the idea of working more with members and we were super pumped because of General Confrence. But as hard as we tried nothing was happening for us. The good is that we contacted many old investigators and a few look like they could be progressing inv. But we will see. The weather continues to drop here and so soon cold will be upon us. The members here say its like Utah here at times. It even snows if you can even believe it. This week I have been finding myself reading more about Ammon and his mission. I feel like that has been helping me to keep going. He truely is one of my Heros and one of the reasons for serving a mission. One thing that I have learned as a missionary is to keep moving my feet no matter what. Keep searching keep trying because in the long run someone is being blessed.
Cambios were this Sunday and I'm still in Oasis. It looks like I'll be here for another 6 weeks. But I know it's because the Lord has something in store for me here.
Elder Thorpe

October 29, 2013

This week we did some service for an older couple which was super wet. We along with a few other Elders cleaned out a tank for water for the shower and sinkInline image 1
It was super awesome and we had such a spiritual experience in the end. After a while I went above the tank to take buckets of water and dump them into the road. I decided that I didn't want to use my shoes anymore and I barefooted the rest of our service. It felt so great to take my shoes off and not wear shoes for about an hour. ha ha Anyways in the end we were talking to the older couple and they both were in need of a blessing. I was asked to bless the wife, and I felt a bit intimidated because I'm not used to speaking in tu and when you give blessings you speak in tu. But I felt the promptings of the spirit telling me that I needed to bless her. As I placed my hands on her head I felt the spirit extremely strong and I said things that I could not even imagine that I would say. I was saying words in Spanish that I didn't even know that well. I felt the words coming from my lips were not my own words, but the words of the Spirit.
Also this week we have been trying to figure out why we haven't been having the best success. We have been thinking a lot about our less actives and why we have so many. We started to ask some of the less actives and members why they thought there are so many. Most of them said it is because of two sisters in the ward who are "attacking the other sisters." So we have quite a bit of work ahead of us.
Also this week we had an awesome opportunity to give two blessings to another family. The husband is a member but less active and wants to be sealed with his wife. And his wife isn't a member and wants to be sealed as well. I think she has a bit of fear of baptism. But now its looking like she will accept. They are both sick and the wife is actually pregnant and is sick because of the pregnancy. So we gave them a blessing. It was a good experience to teach about faith in Jesus Christ and the Priesthood.
Well I love all of you and pray for you all the time.
Elder (Braiden) Thorpe

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21, 2013

Well this week was a great week! We actually started to improve on working more with members. It was super awesome. I came up with an idea to have some of the members go out and look for the less actives and bring them back to the church for a special message on Saturday. We organized all of our District for a special message and when the members returned with the less actives we sang "Nearer my God to Thee" and "Abide with me Tis Ev'en Tide" and in between we had a few Elders share testimony. It was really spiritual and really nice. From this activity we had 5 less actives return to church.
On Sunday I was getting a bit frustrated because no one was letting us into their houses for a lesson and was getting a bit sad that we didn't have any visits for the day. Then my companion said something to me that really got me going and got me excited. It's translated into English not sure if it sounds funny or not it sounded a bit funny in English to me. "How many times was Jesus Christ rejected, but was always there." I really liked that and it helped me to keep going because I represent him and I need to be like him.
I love you all and I keep working hard!
Elder (Braiden) Thorpe

Monday, October 7, 2013

Carrying on the tradition in Mexico. Ice cream after the priesthood session.

October 7th, 2013

Este semana fue bien suave. Estabamos trabajando con muchos de los menos activos para traerlos a la Conferencia General. Encontrabamos un nueva investigador bien animada para escuchar a las lecciones. Yo se que esta obra es grade y maravillosa y estamos en los ultimos dias de la ultima dispensacion.
Well enough of my Spanish. I was super stoked for confrence this past week. I've actually been waiting for conference for about 2 months and it was well worth the wait. As I was watching I was thinking about how I really would have taken advatage of the time I had at home during Confrence and enjoyed it more with my family. I then couldn't help but have tears during the Priesthood session to think that all of the royal army of God was gathered together to listen to the Prophet of God. It was hard as well thinking that I was not with my Dad and Brother my friends and my fellow soldiers in the Royal Priesthood Army. I know that this work is true with all my heart. I know that we are in perilous times like many said and for that many are fighting or are against the Church of God. It was said in the last days that mens hearts shall fail them and that there would arise a great and abomnible church against God. We are in these times and it is our resposability to RISE UP!!! I am so proud of my younger brother Austin who is rising up to face the great and terrible serpent and push forward with this work. He is such a great example to me of a missionary. I want to be a missionary like him and reach out and be a friend to those who need a friend. I wish I could be there for the18th to see this young man enter into the door and get on the path to Eternal Salvation.
I loved Confrence so much and I learned many things that I can improve on. I loved Elder Hollands talk as always. It was truely inspiring and something that I needed to hear. I also loved how many talked on the importance of families in these last days. It's true, the family is the most important group in the church. It is the safest place that we can raise a family and teach gospel principles without the influences of the world. I also loved how many talked on the Atonement. We are not perfect like the Savior and we will not be perfect in this life, but throught the Atoning sacrifice of the Savior Jesus Christ we can become better. I know that these leaders of the church truely are chosen MEN & WOMEN of God. I know that my Savior lives, and because he lives we can too.

Elder Thorpe