Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23rd, 2015

Hey so This week was awesome!!! We had a baptism of such an awesome guy! His name is Jose Luis. His parents are super catholic but they told him they would support him in whatever decision he would make. So he got married to his wife and they have the goal to be sealed in the Temple!!! His baptism was so good, his mom came which was awesome and she felt the spirit so strong. We had a member baptize him who has been such a help to them and he was so excited to do it.
On Sunday we had 8 investigators at church and they were so excited and they all loved it. The members were such an awesome help and they all talked with them and showed them around, and helped them feel more comfortable. I was so happy to see all the members making an effort in helping with the work.
So were going to have two baptisms this week one on Friday for Karen and another on Saturday for Orlando y Zo√®! We are so excited for them, they are such great people and are going to be such great members of the church.
Oh so I forgot to say this we are living in the house of the other missionaries from our ward and we are all American. Don't worry we are being obedient, but it is so much fun!! I'll send pics of how much fun we are having.
Love, Elder Thorpe

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 16th, 2015

Hey so this week was really long I felt but it passed by so fast. This week We confirmed a baptism that we will be having this Saturday. We are super excited to be having this baptism, It was been a long wait for him and he is so excited. We had a cool activity that we did for Valentines day. We had an idea to receive more referals by taking pictures in a giant cut out heart and taking the pictures to their houses and sharing a message on the importance of the family and the gospel. We got a pretty good number of referals we ended up getting around 272 refereals in two days. It was great! I am so happy to see the work going forth.

​I have been doing great in my Book of Mormon reading I am almost done with Alma, I am loving it!!! I love the Book of Mormon so much and I love learning so much from it every day.​

Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9th, 2015

So this week was so awesome. Man I love the mission. We experienced so many miracles this week it was almost hard to believe. So for starters...we went to the end of Juarez we call it el fin del mundo. It's like houses and then literally nothing. We had to go there to look for referals. We ended up finding nothing and then had to walk about 5 miles to where we eat for the day. 

We had a really spiritual experience with one of our investigators. His name is Jose Luis. He really has been wanting to get baptized for a long time. The only problem is that his mom is really catholic and he was afraid of what she would think about his decision. So we have been working with her for these past couple weeks trying to help her feel the spirit. Lately she had been really getting into the lessons and she reads the Book of Mormon too.

So we got some good news from them Jose Luis and his wife (who is a member) are getting married. that helped a lot. Also we had a really awesome lesson on the plan of Salvation. We really tried to put an emphasis on what we need to do in this life to return back with Heavenly Father like baptism. In the end we asked what everyone would be willing to do to achieve the celestial kingdom.  The mom told us that she wants to understand our church better and she will support her son in whatever decision he makes. When she said that, I felt the spirit inside me leap for joy and I felt as those missionaries of the Book of Mormon. After she said that I aske Jose Luis if he would like to be baptized. He shared a powerful testimony of how he knew the church was true and he accepted. He will be baptized the 21 of Feb. 2015!

We also had some really amazing experiences with our other investigators. 3 others told us that they knew it was true and they are going to get baptized on the 28th of Feb. So pumped!!

I love you all!

Love Elder Thorpe

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 2nd, 2015

Hey so this week was probably one of the best weeks I have ever had in my mission. We worked so hard this week after having kind of a tough week last week. We made the goal this week to do whatever we could to find new investigators, because that is what we were lacking. We finished this week with a total of 13 new investigators. The majority of them are families and they are so awesome. I'm so happy we found them even though I won't be able to see them get baptized. In our mission the investigators have to go to church for 5 weeks before they can get baptized. But that's ok. It's important that they can receive their own conversion. We should have at least 3 baptisms before I finish. I am so excited for the people that we are teaching.

I have been really enjoying my daily scripture study.  I have been doing really well with reading the Book of Mormon. I have been learning so much and I am so happy for the scriptures.

My companion and I have been getting along great, he is so awesome. We come up with some of the funniest things to do to keep us going when times are tough. Sometimes if there is a tire up ahead we run up ahead to see who puts their foot through first and whoever does it first is on varsity for football. It's really fun!!

Well I love you all and I am so excited for Ashlee's baptism.

Elder Thorpe