Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21, 2013

Well this week was a great week! We actually started to improve on working more with members. It was super awesome. I came up with an idea to have some of the members go out and look for the less actives and bring them back to the church for a special message on Saturday. We organized all of our District for a special message and when the members returned with the less actives we sang "Nearer my God to Thee" and "Abide with me Tis Ev'en Tide" and in between we had a few Elders share testimony. It was really spiritual and really nice. From this activity we had 5 less actives return to church.
On Sunday I was getting a bit frustrated because no one was letting us into their houses for a lesson and was getting a bit sad that we didn't have any visits for the day. Then my companion said something to me that really got me going and got me excited. It's translated into English not sure if it sounds funny or not it sounded a bit funny in English to me. "How many times was Jesus Christ rejected, but was always there." I really liked that and it helped me to keep going because I represent him and I need to be like him.
I love you all and I keep working hard!
Elder (Braiden) Thorpe

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