Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 1st,2013

So we met our new Mission President yesterday. He is super awesome, & smart. He and his wife studied Math in college, and when I say math I mean like deep crazy I don't want to go near it Math. So yeah they are both super smart. They said that they are going to visit our houses. Not sure how often but they are. The President said the Work of Salvation is on. What we are going to do with our converts is the missionaries are going to watch over them and keep visiting them until they go to the temple, and if they are our convert the President will send us to go see them go through the temple. Before October this mission will have 100 new missionaries. With all the new technology use in the missionary work our mission is going to be getting smart phones. One thing the Latins were not very stoked about is that all of them have to learn English. He said it isn't an option. The President wants to get to know our families. So he says he will be emailing you. He seems like a really loving president.

So haha crazy news for you so don't freak out. I was in the Hospital last tuesday. I got sick and was throwing up a ton. So they took me to the Hospital and gave me suedo to rehydrate my body. Elder King said I looked like I was dead when I was sleeping, haha. But I am SUPER BIEN!!! Y Yo sentio mucho mejor!

The weather here just gets hotter and hotter. Its sometimes ridiculous. We have a few new investigators who seem good but we will see. I'm not gonna lie I feel like I'm ready for a change of some sort. Either send me to a new area or something. But all is well and change will happen in time.

Hope all is well back at home.


ps. I was reading in the Bible today and I thought it was funny imagining Jesus when he was flipping over the tables in the Temple.

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