Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 12, 2013  Mother's Day

We were able to talk with Braiden for exactly 40 minutes on Mother's Day.  I didn't know how serious he was about the 40 minutes until he told me we only had ten more minutes and I looked at the cell phone and saw that we had been talking for 30 minutes already.  It was so good to hear his voice.  He is in a area where when he was called on his mission John said to me I hope he doesn't go to Juarez.  It is a pretty dangerous area which means very strict rules for the missionaries.  They only have elders in the area since it is not safe for sister missionaries.  He told us of some people they had met and some of the problems they run into as they are teaching people.  One of them being that many people are living together and not married which poses a problem for them to get baptized.  He has a great companion that is from Vancouver, WA.  He seemed very happy but I know that he misses home.  He doesn't say it but you can just tell.  I know it's not easy to remember to write to missionaries but now that I have one out serving I understand how much they long for letters from their loved ones.  He says the members take good care of them and feed them lunch everyday.  He said they have also made a friend who has a hamburger place who has a son who looks up to the missionaries.  This man frequently gives them hamburgers so I guess I can quit worrying about him being fed.  In a couple of weeks they have a big conference where Elder Christopherson is coming to split the mission.  I am glad this is happening early in his mission and that he will have the same mission president throughout his mission.  He is doing so great and he says he appreciates all the prayers in his behalf.

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