Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 13, 2013

Ok so as we were walking to go email we saw a bunch of cops over by the mall and they had two escaped convicts in hand cuffs, so that was an intresting way to start our day. Then when we walked into the mall we walked past 20 swat cops with heavy duty machine guns, apparently they are looking for someone here in the mall. Anyways If the mexican music here doesnt drive me insane here Im sure all of the dogs will.
The President yesterday told Elder King and I that we should look for a family that we can baptize either this week or next week. We have 4 potentials but we still have to teach them alot of the lessons. I keep reading in the Book of Mormon everyday and I have been loving every moment that I get to read it.
I loved hearing from all of you yesterday on the phone its weird thinking that I won't hear from you again until Christmas.
Anyways all is well here in Mexico, send me some pictures on the email. I want to be updated on the family too.
Elder Thorpe

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