Monday, June 10, 2013

Day after a rain storm.

Buzz cut.

June 10th, 2013

Whats up Fam. This past week was probably my hardest week here. The temp. is reaching triple digits and continues to get hotter. I buzzed my head so hopefully that helps. The spanish just continues to be a struggle and frustrates me sometimes. But I know that it can be achieved. Our investigator Antonio continues to improve and will hopefully be baptized this Saturday. He has improved alot with him not smoking as much anymore. We gave him some mints and told him to take them whenever he feels like smoking and to say a prayer when he does that. He told us Sunday that he had been using them and he hadn't been smoking. He's gone 3 days without smoking. So that's awesome. We had 6 investigators at Church this Sunday which was awesome. We are hoping to place 4 fechas this week and baptize a family in the next couple weeks before the President leaves.
The new Elders arrive today, and I believe I survived another transfer which is nice. I really like the area I'm in. The Ward members are really nice and I have enjoyed helping them become more converted.
This past week I have been reading alot in the New Testament. Sometimes I am super confused about what Jesus is trying to teach. Im sure its awesome. I never realized how much I could learn to love reading the scriptures.
One thing we have been teaching alot of is the Doctrine of Christ. Its really important and I think you should read it. Its 2 Nephi 31. Its super awesome and reminds us what our goal is in life.
I hope you are all having an awesome time in Utah.
Love, Elder Thorpe

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