Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29th, 2014

So last week was a blast! We had our super awesome pachanga (party) with the Jones family! They are super awesome. We played games and watched The Saratov Approach, ate a ton of hot dogs, and made ginger bread cookies! It was super fun. I talked with their son a lot who got back from his mission recently.  He served in London. He was a ZL too so he gave me some advice and some ideas of how we can help our zone work better. Then later we went to a sisters house after we had our zone meeting and had dinner. She made our whole zone a bunch of tacos. So that was Monday.

I was super happy to skype you and talk to you all. We didn't do much on the 24th because we were told we had to be in the house early. So we didn't do anything afterwards.

On the 25th we just went to the family history center and played games with some other elders. So that is all we did that day.

Believe it or not it snowed here! We had a snowball fight in the morning with the elders who haven't ever seen snow in their lives. I also taught them how to make a snow man which was fun! I never thought that I would see snow in my mission.

So today I'm super excited were going to the gym in Dublan to play a basketball game against the high school team here in casas (los Lobos). We´ll see how that goes.

Well love you all!
Elder Thorpe

oh I also made my first tamale!

Christmas Eve with the Jones family

Making tamales

Snow in Mexico

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