Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12th, 2015

Hey so this week was fun. We went to Juarez again to have our Leadership Council meeting. It was fun because we got to Juarez really early and we went to the mall by the offices to hang out and eat food. So we went there for a while. Then we headed to the offices and hung out with the secretaries and we watched a bunch of Mormon videos. We had a really good meeting on Leadership and how to set better goals and how to plan better. I really liked it and learned a lot. One of the sisters that gave a training used a lot from a book that Stephen R. Covey wrote. It was really good. President is going to give all of the leaders the book. We also got to eat a sandwich that is really common in Mexico City called a Guajolota!!! Its basically a tamale sandwich!!!

So this Sunday are transfers and President was basically saying during the training that all of the Elders who are about to go home are going to be made District leaders, senior companions, or junior companions. He is doing this to help either an entire district, to help the junior companion become a senior companion, and then if your junior companion you help the senior companion to be a senior companion too. I'm 100% positive that I am getting changed.

​Well Love you all and hope you enjoy the normal life.


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