Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19th, 2015

Hola Fam!!!
Well I am getting changed and I figured that I would be changed because its going to be my last change before I go home. I am going to a ward called Intependencia. It's supposedly one of the best wards in the mission for work because they baptize a lot. I'm still a senior companion so that's cool. I'm happy with my change and I am happy to be finishing my mission in a good area. My new companion I think is an American, not 100% sure on that but I'll know tomorrow.

I can't believe that I only have 6 weeks left in my mission. Time is passing by so fast and I am super nervous because I don't want it all to end. I love the mission and I have learned so much. I am so grateful for my testimony that I have developed over these past two years.
I'm really sad that I am leaving Alamedas. I have learned so much in the area. I am also really sad that I wont be able to see David get baptized. I hope he still follows through with his decision and gets baptized. I am really sad to leave all our investigators who are progressing. 

We found this one family this last week who are amazing. For our first actual visit with them the made us dinner (but a really good dinner Lasagna) Then at the End the sister asked us why we say that if someone has been baptized into the catholic church that they have to be baptized again. So we explained that in Lesson 1 and talked about prophets and the priesthood and Jesus Christ and the Apostles and the great Apostasy. And then the best part of the lesson when we explained about Joseph Smith and the Restoration. In the end we invited her to pray and ask if all that we had taught was true and that she would start to read the Book of Mormon and she accepted. So today just barely we got a call from her friend who is a member saying that she was super excited that we went to teach her friend and that her friend is really happy and wants us to come over and teach her more and her family. She also said that she is reading the Book of Mormon and she is really excited.

I know that God lives and that he loves each and everyone of us. I am so happy to be sharing this incredible message with all the people that I come in contact with. I love the Scriptures especially the Book of Mormon

For have given you an examplethat ye should do as have done to you.
-John 13:15

I love you all and hope the best for everyone that reads my letters. I pray for all of you and the ward everyday.



Packing up for last transfer of the mission.

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