Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6th, 2014

So I loved General Conference!!! I learned so much and was so happy that I got to see it live. I got to watch it in the stake center in Dublan. I also got to watch it in English which was awesome because the talks sound so much better when there isn't a translator. When the two 70's spoke in Spanish I went and watched them speak in Spanish.

I really enjoyed the talk by Elder Bednar. I think he is another one of my favorite speakers. I love how he teaches with such clarity and power. I like listening to his talks so I can try and teach like he does. I really liked his example of his two boys when one of them got hurt and the older brother helped the younger and how when the younger brother saw that it was something that made him feel good he desired to share that feeling with others. Obviously I liked Hollands talk and I felt like I should try and be a better desciple of Jesus Christ and help the poor and needy.

Well I am super excited for this week we have our leader meeting with Pres. Derbez. So that should be fun! Then hopefully this Saturday we are going to be having another Baptism. I am so happy with how the area is progressing right now. Before this area didn't ever baptize but now were baptizing a ton of the chosen and elect!

Well Love you all tons!!!

Love Elder Thorpe

Oh. and also this week a sister from Casas Grandes is going to Lehi I gave her your info so she can contact you. She said if you wanted to send anything for me down here she would be able to take it down without problems.

The Zone durring Conf.
The Mexico MTC bus

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