Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 3rd, 2013

Mi Familia,
Words cannot express how much I love this church. It's like I feel like my testimony cant get stronger and stronger, but it does. It is the best feeling in the world here in the CCM (MTC), having the constant companion of the spirit here. In our tuesday night devo. We had Brother Ringwood, and he was awesome. He spoke on endureing to the end, and it made me think alot about my role in life as a Priesthood holder. In PMG it states that the most important mission is in the walls of your own home. So why am I here on a mission? Well Brother Ringwood said in his talk that there was a reason why Nephi went back to get the plates before he went back to get a wife. It's funny to think about how that can be related to me as a missionary. Before I can begin my journey as a father and a husband I must build a solid foundation on the gospel, I must know how to endure to the end! Once I complete my mission on bringing others to Christ and building my foundation on the gospel, then I can begin my journey on the most important mission in my life.
Im not going to lie though my favorite day here at the MTC is Sunday. It is the most spiritual day of my week, and I love having so much Personal Study time. I love reading the book of Mormon. I actually thought of something funny while I was reading I thought to my self im studying two languages here in the MTC. Im learning Spanish and Im learning the language of Isaiha. Haha well I have been loving getting letters and packages from friends and family they make me so happy!
I had a really cool experience today at the Temple. By the way I love going to the Temple its the highlight of my P-Day! Anyways I had one of my teachers at the MTC as one of the veil workers. It was awesome. I have the coolest Spanish teachers here they are so nice and their stories from their missions are just the best. One thing I don't like though but it helps us learn faster is we teach them as progressing investigators, and they only speak spanish so it kind of forces us into speaking spanish.
My favorite song to sing that seems to always makes me choke up is "I Feel my Saviors Love" The words in the song testify to me in my heart that I have an older brother who loves me so much. Whenever I feel down or if I ever feel like giving up I think about the Savior and how he didn't give up even when he went through the atonement. I know that serving a mission that I am making him so happy. I know that he is beside me lifting me up when I am falling, when I feel like I just can't do it.
Another thing that I think of when things start getting rough, I think of my family specifically you mom & dad knealing beside your bed pleading with Heavenly Father to bless me. The love and support that I get from home just makes me so happy. I love this church so much and i can't wait to share the happiness that I have to the people of Chihuahua Mexico. I pray for them every night, and I have already developed a love for the people. I can see how happy my life can be when I put off the natural man and I become more like Christ and I turn out, not in. I realize now that you dont need the things of the world to make you happy. All you need in your life to make you happy, is your FAMILY, the GOSPEL, and the SAVIOR.

I love you guys so much and I cant wait to see you again. Keep sending letters, but go easy on the candy our district is starting to develop quite the collection. I would like to leave the MTC under 300 LBS. Haha.
I was told something the other day about our mission. We have two years to do the work, and we have eternity to look back on it. 
Hope all is well & God be with you till we meet again!

Elder Thorpe

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