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MTC District

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April 17th, 2013

Hola Familia,
Yesterday was probably one of the coolest experiences that I have had here at the MTC. I'm sure by now you know that we have a devo. here every Sunday & every Tuesday. Well this Tuesday we had an awesome devotional. Our speaker for the devo. was an Apostle of the Lord, Richard G. Scott. I was sitting 20 feet away from him. Everyone in the MTC was surprised yet happy. It was amazing to see all of us missionaries stand up and show so much respect for an Apostle. The song we opened up with was called to serve. We sing this song almost every other week here in the MTC, (I wonder why) but this time it felt different. This time I felt it was more special, we were singing to an Apostle that we were proud to be called to serve. These men are the ones who are receiving revelation for where we are called to serve and we sang to him proudly that we were called to serve. His topic for the devotional was about prayer and I felt that it really helped me. He said: "Prayer is a great gift from our Heavenly Father. Remeber we are his children, and he wants to talk to us. Just talk to him. He loves us and wants to help us. Don't rush through talking to him. He wants to listen." One thing I found really interesting was he said that his answers will rarely come when you are on your knees. Find some quiet place to seek to hear his answers. In his talk he kept repeating something over and over again which was awesome, he said: "YOUR MISSION CALLS ARE INSPIRED."
In the end of his talk he pronounced a Apostolic blessing uppon us. I felt though it was directed specifically for me, in fact he was looking directly at me when he was saying it. He said: I bless you to have the Holy Ghost with you to help you master the language. I bless you with peace, that you will remember your call is inspired. I bless you your burden of learning the language will be eased as you humbly talk to God in prayer. I bless you that you will experience an increased capacity to love....then he ended but...
He got up before the prayer and said: I feel I need to say something more. REMEMBER THE LORD HAS CALLED YOU TO SUCEED  NOT TO FAIL. REMEMBER YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED. HE WILL HELP YOU SUCEED.
That was just incredible especially at the very end. He pronounced an Apostolic blessing upon us and he received revelation in the end to say more.
My Spanish is improving each day here. Today (4/17/13) is our HSL day Hablo Su Lenguage (Speak you language). It is not fun at all.
I know that what I am doing is super important. I know that my Heavenly father loves me and he will bless me where ever I go. I know that through faith all is possible, even speaking spanish. God loves all his children and he loves them enough to send us out into the world to find his lost sheep. I love to read the Book of Mormon, Im currently halfway through Alma. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know families are eternal and that one day we will all be together in Heaven. I love all of you and hope all is well. I pray for all of you including extended family. I pray for all of my neighbors and friends as well. I love being a missionary. I am a Missionary I live it, I know it, I love it.
Elder Thorpe

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