Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10th, 2014

Well not that much happened this week my companion got a really bad skin infection and we were basically in the house everyday. But on the bright side I did get to go on divisions with the ZL´s this week. We have been searching for another house in our area because president wants us to split the area. Its actually a really big area and it will make it easier to make visits with the area divided. We did set 3 baptism dates for the 30th of March. I'm super excited for them and the best part is they just came out and told us they wanted to be baptized. The mom is a member but her kids and brother living with them are not. We had never taught the uncle before and in the first lesson with him I commited him to baptism. Their name is the Vallegas family.

This week I was super excited because our ward started to progress in assistance. Some of the less actives that we have been teaching started coming back to church.I have realized now that it isn't how many baptisms I am able to have but that I do my best every day and the Lord will be pleased with my work. And now with the whole Work of Salvation we need to make sure that we are working in all of the areas. The way I judge my mission is by how it says in PMG, If you are obedient and are working hard and you can feel the spirt, the Lord is happy with the work you are doing.

Well my first week as DL went really good. I was really nervous to give the District meeting training but the ZL that sat in told me I did a good job. He said it gets better the more times you do it. My district is super awesome and almost all of them speak english (we have two Mexican elders one can speak fluent) But yeah my district is cool.

Also I love the central of Casas Grandes. It is so cool here and green. One of my favorite things about here is the Tortas, they are soooo good. I don't see too many Americans I see a bunch of menonites but thats really it. All the Americans are in the areas Las Colonias or Dublan. Ask Shelly what part shes from. I'm in more of a poor area of Casas Grandes.

Well love you all!

Elder Thorpe
Trying to stay fit.

Found some raspberries at the store.  I wonder if these are the same ones my family is getting at Costco that are from Mexico.

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