Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17th, 2014

Wow its honestly crazy to think that I have reached my 1 year mark. It's gone by  so fast it's almost unbelievable. I had kind of an interesting week. So they sent my companion to Juarez for a week to get better so I could get some work done in the area. So guess who they sent me....they sent Elder Bennett to work with me. How funny is that. We start the mission together and we complete a year together. This isn't a permament change it's  only for a week but yeah. I hope Elder Imlay gets better, he's one of my favorite companions.

So much has gone on this past year. It's also kind of sad to hear about all the kids from school that left for their missions and returned home already. But some of us are continuing on strong. A kid from my school just got called to be AP in his mission. I thought that was awesome. But to be honest I have really enjoyed this last year of my mission. It has been incredible and I have learned so much that I will be forever grateful for.

My District is awesome. One thing that I want them to understand is yes its great to put high goals for our key indicators but at the same time we need to be realistic. It's one thing to have faith and it's another thing to be a bit over yourself. But they are a great bunch of Elders who work hard. They haven't had too many problems (none to be exact).

Oh funny story so I did what everyone asked and the first American that I talked to in Casas Grandes just happened to be the mom of Shelly´s best friend. She said to say that Janice says Hi! Haha I thought that was awesome for that to happen. It is honestly weird to talk to Americans for me. I don't know are we really that bubbly or that nice its almost scary.

Well our investigators the family Villegas continue to progress and will soon be baptized the 30 of March. We keep finding new investigators to teach and I finally feel like progress has started to pick up. I love the work we do and I see the hand of the Lord helping everyday. I love the Savior and I want all to receive all of the blessings our Heavenly Father has prepared for us. This is the happiest I think I have ever been in my entire life.

Well love ya´ll.
Elder Thorpe

Elder Stewarts birthday party.

Elder Stewarts party.

Injury sustained from helping someone move.

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