Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31st, 2014

Hey fam!!!
So Cambios were this week and today I'm waiting in Juarez until tomorrow and then I go back to my area Laguna. I still have not met my new companion because he still hasn't arrived in Juarez yet. Yep, I'm training again! All I know is he's another Mexican companion and I am super happy for the opportunity to be training again. I'm starting to get better at giving my classes in District meeting. Last week I taught about the importance of revelation through the Book of Mormon. As we searched through the Book of Mormon we all couldn't help but feel the spirit as we remembered the importance of the Book of Mormon in the conversion of everyone. At the end we all shared our testimony of the Book of Mormon, and why we went on our mission (thanks Grandma Gillette). It was such an awesome/spiritual experience.

I was really sad that my companion Elder Imlay got changed, He was probably one of my favorite companions during the mission. But I know we´ll see each other again during the mission, and after. But I have been enjoying my mission so much. I can't wait for Austin to see how great the mission is.

I can't believe that this weekend is General Conference! I am so excited to see what the leaders of the church have in store for us this April. I love hearing from the Prophet and all the Apostles. This will be my third General Confrence during the mission. I'm super excited, I was even thinking about it how much I love General Conference now.

Our investigator Alexis is super awesome, he told the Relief Society President that he wants to get baptized and that he wants all his family to get baptized. He loves going to church and he loved the lesson that we gave about baptism. He is super awesome and has a baptism date for the 26th.

Well love you all!

Elder Thorpe

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