Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24th, 2014

Hey so this week was super awesome. WE HAVE A NEW GOLDEN INVESTIGATOR! He is so cool his name is Alexis we have only taught him twice but he'2s been to church 3 times. He has a baptism date for the 26th of April.  He has been reading quite a bit of the Book of Mormon and he says he wants to put everything we teach into practice. He is super awesome.

We also did play a basketball game against the super star basketball youth of the Dublan Stake. It was super fun and I had a huge block on a kid and all our team went crazy haha. It was super fun at the end they were all chanting ELDERS ELDERS ELDERS. It was awesome.

Also this week we went to the temple. I have now seen the smallest temple in the world. It is so pretty! I think it's one of my favorites. We did about 647 ordinances in total. (and those are family names) It was so great to see the members come with family names and do the work for them.

Oh and we actually did go to the Indian site. Its called Paquime. It was very interesting and fun to see the history of some of the people that lived here before. I absolutely love my zone.

My Comp. came back as well. I was super excited to be reunited with him. We just work really well together. It's not the same with Elder Bennett.

But I love you all and hope you have a great week.

Love Elder Thorpe

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