Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

Hola como estan todos!
So this week was excellent. We found ourselves working harder than we ever have been we doubled our numbers and had so many amazing experiences! We felt extremely motivated so we went to work literally running all over the place with the goal to double our numbers.

We had such a cool experience with a sister in our ward. We had been trying to receive referrals from so many of the members. I felt that we should visit a certain sister in our ward and ask for a referral. We were going to go on Wednesday but we were not able to, so we went on Thursday. As we knocked on the door we heard from the other side la hermana shout ¨no way!¨ She opened the door and said she had been praying that we would pass by about 15 minutes ago, and here we were. We asked why she wanted us to pass by her house, she said that she had a referral for us. We told here that we felt inspired to go to her house and ask for someone to visit. What a testimony builder. I know that God answers prayers!

We have been working a ton with the less actives in our area as well and have been having much success with them. We have helped about 20-25 members return back to church. Our church attendance went from 104 to about 140 in three weeks. I have been enjoying working in this area so much!!

Love you all have and awesome week!

Elder Thorpe

ps I got the Birthday package a day before my birthday!


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