Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14th, 2014

Hey so this week I was suprised by what happened on Saturday. President showed up at our house and told me I was being changed. It was really weird because I had only been in Satelite for about 3 weeks and I was starting to have some really good success there. But yeah I´m back in Casas Grandes in a little town called Buenaventura. It's where all the poligamist mormons live now. But it is soooooo pretty here! There are so many trees and it rains every once and a while. It's super clean! It's almost like Colonia Juarez there just isn't a temple.

So my new area is a branch and it's actually under the direction of the Mission. I'm currently temporarily the companion of the Branch president. But I'm on a special assignment because they are going to change me after three weeks to another part of the branch called le baron. That's where its super pretty. President is going to put me again as District Leader and he is going to have me train again. So that's pretty exciting.

I'm kind of sad to leave my last district because they were pretty awesome. I was district leader of all sister missionaries. They are such hard workers and have so much faith. I felt so blessed to get to know them and work with them a bit.

So this past week and still this continues to happen, I have been feeling some really strong and powerful spiritual impressions. It has been so awesome to see the spirit working through me! I remembered the talk dad told me to read by Jay E. Jensen The Unspeakable Gift of the Holy Ghost. It made me feel so happy and I felt the spirt really strong.

Well I love you all!

Elder Thorpe (Braiden because Austin will be Elder Thorpe as well)

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