Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28th, 2014

Hey so this week was a really good week full of lots of spiritual experiences! The work has been diferent here from the other places that I have been. It's a smaller town and not a lot of members so we don't get as many visits in the week. We really have to rely on the Spirit to guide us and help us to know what to do! I have been able to notice more how important the spirit is in the work of the Lord. I have learned a lot about the spirit and its function through listening to Elder David A. Bednar. I love how he explains the spirit in the conversion.

So this week I went over to the area called Lebaron, which is part of the branch. I should give you a little background on what Lebaron is if you haven't heard about it. When Brigham Young sent the members down to Mexico there were many colonies, one of which was Lebaron. Poligamy was still quite big when they were sent down. Well when Wilford Woodruff was called to be the President he began to stop Polygamy. The members of Lebaron were not in agreement with it and kept doing it. Later all the members living Polygamy were excommunicated and that is when they started to make there own church. 
They called a prophet who called apostles and they kept with what the church taught but kept living in Polygamy. My special asignment is to get to know the area and members so I can open the area. I am also supposed to be aware of the district and how it's working so I know how to help when they make me DL again. It is a really pretty area and I am super excited to work in it. It's a bit strange though because it has a lot of Americans living there so you speak English sometimes.

So I´m really excited with how work is going. Everyone thinks they are going to make me the next branch president because he goes home in a month. I don't think so. But I will do what the Lord commands me!

Love ya´ll,

Elder Thorpe

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