Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4th, 2014


So this week was probably one of the most spiritual experiences of my life! I know that God loves me and knows me personally and that he knows the specific blessings that I need! I know this because this week I saw God more in my life this past week than any other times. I´m going to start back when I was in Satelite as a DL. I went to a training meeting for the DL´s of the mission and one of the elders there was in my first area (Oasis) He came up and told me that my first convert Vicki was going to be entering into the Temple but they weren't sure when. I thought to myself wow what a blessing I was in an area really close to the temple and I wouldn't have to pay a lot or travel very far to go. I was super excited. Well that's when I got changed all the way down here and I thought to my self ¨why, how could this happen¨ I was really frustrated. But I kept working and doing what I was supposed to. This week we received a call from the assistants telling us that I had to go up to have a DL training meeting and they were sorry they didn't invite me to it when it was in Casas Grandes on Monday. So we started getting ready to go to Juarez the next day...when the phone rang again. We didn't know who it was but we answered. As we talked they told us they were the Elders in Oasis....they then asked if they could talk to me. They told me that the next day my convert Vicky and her sister, who I had helped to reactivate, would be going through the temple. I was so happy to hear that I was going to be able to go to the Temple with them! It was such a blessing because we were going to be heading up anyways the next day for my training.

After the training from the asistants they told me many times ¨Elder Thorpe we need you as a leader in this mission, THE LORD NEEDS YOU AS A LEADER IN THIS MISSION!¨ It was kind of crazy to hear them repeat that so many times because I had been thinking that I was not good enough to be a leader or I don't have what the mission needs. But it shocked me to hear that.

While I was in the Temple I felt the spirit so strong as I rememberd the Covenants that we make with our Father in Heaven and I remembered how much he loves me! It was incredible.  I was so happy for Vicky and the choice that she had made! I love this gospel and the happiness it brings. While I was in the Celestial room I asked Heavenly Father why he needed me so badly as a leader in this mission. As I read the stories of my scriture heros, I recieved my answer of why he needed me so badly.

Elder Thorpe, Vicky and her sister at the Temple

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