Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22nd, 2014


So this week flew by so fast it was nuts. I have been having such a great time in my new area. I have been learning it super fast so I can do inter changes with youth and other Elders. It's been super crazy though as a ZL. I'm talking on the phone even more with all the District leaders and I'm constantly planing and taking data. But it has been a blast.

This week was full of spiritual experiences. We have this awesome investigator her name is Melissa, she's not 100% if she wants to get baptized or not so we went and taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We taught about how faith leads us to act and we taught how the miracles happened with Jesus and the sick and afflicted. We explained that through their faith they were healed by the power that Jesus had and how we sometimes need to take that leap of faith and trust Jesus. Then we showed the video ¨Because of Him¨ and we talked about repentance and baptism. By the end she was crying and she was feeling the spirit so strong and she told us she would accept to be baptized this Saturday.

We also had Stake Conference this week. I really liked both the talks that Pres. Kelly Jones gave. He talked about sybolism and how we should look for things in our days symbolically and how we can apply them to the scriptures and teach from those things we find. He also talked about the importance of the temple and how we should go and do the work of our family so that we can be eternal families.

Well I love you all and miss you all!

Elder Thorpe

Bags packed and leaving LeBaron
My Halloween Costume haha JK
The Culto Verde (Family History Center)

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